Guest reviewed Qualia Mind

about 2 years ago

5 stars

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Alessandra S. March 13, 2024

This works!

Kicks in about 6 weeks. You will notice the difference!

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David o. December 23, 2021

Great Stuff!

I love Qualia Mind. I take it on days I need to focus and bring my”A” game

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Jessica R. January 24, 2024

Early but hopeful

I received my first bottle of Qualia Mind three days ago. I haven't had time to gauge the overall effects and will review properly after the first month or so. I take the full 7 capsule dose in the morning with my coffee, prior to food intake. I feel balanced throughout the day, capable and produ...

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Jude W. May 21, 2018

Clear Focus All Day

Usually I have a mid-day crash from all the coffee I drink. Qualia allowed me to not only work until 9:30-10 at night, but when I got home after the long days I just stayed on top of all my paperwork. This is the anti-procrastination pill.

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