Qualia Performance Bundle

Optimize Performance Day & Night


The Qualia Performance Bundle was built to upgrade your performance day and night. Start your day with Qualia Life and Qualia Mind feeding your brain and energizing your cells to perform beyond your peak. Around dinner time take Qualia Night to kick off a relaxed evening and ensure higher quality sleep so you can wake up rejuvenated. All 3 formulas are designed to complement each other with science-based, safe ingredients of the highest purity.


4.48 2366 reviews

5 Maxime D. - 2024-05-17
I've tried many other nootropics and this one is the first that would rate better than just pure black coffee!
5 Tessa F. - 2024-05-15
I just started this product and really like it. I plan on continuing it to see if it will improve brain fog and memory loss. So far I have increased clarity, alertness and motivation. I’m taking 7 capsules a day as instructed.
5 jonathan w. - 2024-05-07
After taking 4 capsules daily for about 1 month, I can happily report that I have experienced improvements in my ability to focus, mental clarity, general energy levels and mood. While I would not say that I am necessarily more productive in my work, I am certainly less avoidant of simple tasks in my work and domestic life, which absolutely improves my overall quality of life, and helps me to feel grounded, capable and at ease. Previous to taking Qualia Mind, I was very easily distracted and ...Read more.
5 Justin V. - 2024-05-01
There are no other companies in the market today who can compare to the highest quality ingredients and craftsmanship of these products.



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