Kelly B. reviewed Qualia Resilience

6 months ago

Great Company

Qualia, or Neurohacker, products may be just a bit more of a financial investment, but I believe it to be one of the most well- researched and formulated cognitive supplement lines I have come across. Typically, it's very difficult to assess the efficacy of a supplement product itself (amidst the many that you likely take already as it is), but Qualia has consistently been one of the few brands that I actually *notice* any sort of measurable difference in my focus and energy. Now I just wish I could keep the first- time subscription pricing!

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John Stephen T. July 14, 2022

Well-Researched Resilience Formula

2 weeks into my experience of this product and I don’t notice any obvious changes, but I intend to continue usage for a period longer to see what emerges.

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Jake S. July 27, 2022


Highly recommend!

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Nate L. July 13, 2022

Great stuff!

Excellent product. It has helped me with handling stressful situations at work that would normally keep me up at night, helps me power through and get a good nights sleep.

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Joe B. July 17, 2022

Work in Progress

Great product but could be stronger.

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