Theo J. reviewed Qualia Focus

almost 2 years ago

Great product!

Amazing product, definitely feel a boost in my energy levels. A great pick me up when needed!

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Lisa M. September 21, 2021

I am pleased with the results

I will continue to take it

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Jennifer F. April 10, 2023

Happy with the results, not as happy with the cost

I loved the effect that Qualia Focus had, but am hesitant to become reliant on something I have to take every single day. It's a little too expensive to become a regular habit, and believe me, I'm frugal in many other ways, so it's not like I can cut something else to fit this into my budget. Wh...

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Troy C. November 25, 2021

Increased Focus

My job requires lots of focus. I noticed a increase in the first couple days. Highly recommend.

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Rostyk M. June 15, 2023

worth trying

Look for yourself. The benefits are noticeable. Once you feel it, you can never go back without it. Much more effective than alfa brain

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