Dina S. reviewed Qualia Night

almost 3 years ago

Keeps me awake

This does not help me sleep. Seems to do the opposite. Same thing for my friend who tried it.

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Rebecca D. January 24, 2024

Didn't work in the slightest

Took Qualia night as directed for a month and not only noticed zero difference in sleep, but I woke up more frequently throughout the night.

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Aaron M. July 14, 2020

F’n mint

After the second night I’ve never slept more peaceful, than you add on the fact that you actually feel rested.. fing mint

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Rhonda Z. February 20, 2022

excellent product

Love Qualia Night. I can't live without it. Very happy customer.

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LAURA M. September 30, 2021

Waiting and hoping

My sleep issues are deep and multi-faceted but waiting and hoping this will make a difference.

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