Tamara M. reviewed Qualia Mind

11 months ago

My first time. Fantastic Experience.

I didn't really know about Qualia before. Until a friend mentioned it to me and told me that this is an amazing vitamins pill. Of course, I didn't believe at first, so I checked the products and online reviews. By researching, I also found the online community and social channels. They do have a bunch of legit and strong recommendations by respected individuals. So I decided to try it out. My experience has been amazing. I feel so focused and I just can't explain it, but my mind has been clear. I was able to see the things/tasks that I wasn't doing and should be doing. I am also able to make decisions more intellectually. During and after pandemic, I have been feeling tired and feeling lost, that is the main reason why I decided to give this a try. I am not from USA or UK, so it was a little difficult for me to get the products delivered. It's all worth it. I also decided to add "Life" and "Vision" to my vitamins.

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Melanie K. April 21, 2022


This is the best nootropic that I have tried so far...I have ADD and I don't want to be on adderal, so I thought I would give nootropics a try, I tried a bunch of different ones and Qualia is by far my favorite!!! I just love it!!!Thank you Neurohacker....

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Christopher C. May 5, 2022

So far so good!

Like any supplement it's rather difficult to say whether it's really working or not, but I do feel more focused and 'centered' after taking Qualia Mind.

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Christopher T. March 20, 2024

5 stars

Arthur L. May 9, 2023

5 stars