david t. reviewed Qualia Mind Essentials | Beta Tester

over 4 years ago


No effect

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Israel U. September 29, 2020

I may not be the right candidate

Perhaps I wasn't taking the product for a sufficient duration, but I can't say I noticed much effect. Although I never experienced any nootropic effects, I believe, on the first day only, there was a positive impact on my mood.

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Rose Y. January 23, 2021

At a little over 12lbs, I found I needed to reduce my dosage from 5 to 3 capsules a day. Also, if you are sensitive to caffeine or metabolize it slowly, avoid taking this too late in the morning as it may disrupt your sleep. Taking 5 capsules first thing in the morning definitely kept my focus high but I also had trouble staying asleep at night. Three capsules worked better for me including taking a two day break after 5 days on.

Good focus but may disrupt sleep - adjust dosage accordingly

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Carl V. January 23, 2021

I can concentrate with out being jittery. I was able to focus on task at hand with out floating off into space

Clear focus with out the jitters

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Aditya V. August 31, 2021


Totally worth it!

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