Athena B. reviewed Qualia Mind

about 2 years ago


I am enjoying the effects of this nootropic over all others I’ve tried! A great adjunct to my wellness stack!

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Darnelle S. January 21, 2024

Improved mental performance

I used Qualia for several years, and recently stopped taking it for three months. I wanted to know what changes would occurred if I did not take Qualia. After all, it is not a cheap supplement to take. I determined that taking Qualia definitely makes a difference in my daily performance. I ...

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Kaiya M. May 28, 2022

Awesome product

I felt more aware and happy

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Jennifer G. July 20, 2023


Received a code for 50% off and thought I’d try - zero expectations. All I can say is wow — sharper, more focused, and brain fog is completely gone. As someone with autoimmune issues, I figured I would just suffer from brain fog indefinitely. These have changed my mental game — zero brain fog! I’...

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VIKTAR I. December 28, 2022

5 stars