tim o. reviewed Qualia Mind Caffeine Free

almost 3 years ago

Super focus

I take 4 a day a few times a week and feel amazing! Improves HRV and just creates for a great day!

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Nhan T. December 9, 2023

qualia mind

This is a gamechanger for my morning routine

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Joseph M. October 18, 2022

Amazing Product

My first time trying this I skipped coffee for the day and didn't start yawning until halfway through the shift. This was also on a lack of sleep. For those days requiring a bit extra of ourselves, this is a wonderful product if you don't want too much caffeine jitters.

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Daniel D. May 28, 2022

Good stuff

Great customer service and user journey. Will be back :)

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Jamieson W. April 1, 2024

4 stars