Qualia Life Beta Study

Qualia Life Beta Study

Methods: In September-October 2018, a 3-week sample of Qualia Life was sent to volunteers. Volunteers were selected to include a mix of people who were and were not currently taking Qualia. No information was given on what the product was intended to do, ingredients contained in the product, or expected responses. Instructions were to take 8 capsules with breakfast 5 days a week, with 2 off days, for 3 weeks. All participants were asked to complete a survey questionnaire after 5 days, 2 weeks, and 3 weeks. Seventy-one persons completed the 3 weeks of supplementation and provided responses to the survey. 

Results: About 6 out of 10 participants noticed higher energy and motivation levels. Close to the same number felt like they were better able to handle stress. Just over half felt a benefit in productivity; they were getting more meaningful work done than usual. For a few of them this was especially noticeable late in the day or in the evening, time periods when they would normally have exhausted their drive to be productive. Half of the group felt like the product allowed them to deal better with complex problems. About 4 out of 10 noticed a positive difference in their workouts. Almost one out of three people experienced better sleep quality.

Disclaimer: Several factors should be kept in mind when interpreting the results. The study contained a small number of participants and was not placebo-controlled. While Qualia is encouraged by the results of this small preliminary study, further controlled, larger studies will be required to verify the findings.

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