We are seeking 25 participants for the next round of testing for a new formulation designed as a mood and social cognition nootropic. The formula is intended to produce nootropic effects, with an emphasis on six C's—calm, content, clear-headed, connected, confident and creative. Ideal participants are people who feel they could use support in one or more of these areas.

This will be a 2 week study.  The product will be in capsules (6 capsules per dose) that you will take  in the morning.  Each person selected to participate will receive 5 doses to be taken 5 days on, 2 days off, for 2 week.  We will ask you to fill out 3 surveys.  One before you take the product and one after each week of use.  

This sample is not intended to be taken with Qualia Mind, Focus or the Energy Shot. So participants can not be current users of these or similar nootropic products.

This beta test has been completed