John Y. reviewed Qualia Mind

10 months ago

I'm a believer!

Qualia Mind has made me a believer in nootropics! It works!

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Julie B. September 21, 2023

My Go To

I know it sounds funny but I look forward to taking these products each day knowing I am proactively affecting my health and longevity.

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Missti F. August 30, 2021

The Real Deal!

Qualia Mind has been a game changing addition to my daily regime. Clearer and more focused with mental energy that last throughout the day and tasks at hand! Even my eye sight has improved! Thanks Neurohacker!

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Lin W. January 19, 2024

Actually feel the difference

Recommended serving size is 7 pills but personally I only take 2 and I feel the improvement. My mind feels clearer and I can articulate thoughts and speech better.

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Jeff E. July 4, 2022

Great Product

QM helps me stay focused during the day and keeps me concentrated on what I'm doing. It also helps to keep my caffine consumption low (coke-no-sugar) which means I can wind down off the drink as I still get a caffine boost from QM.

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