Geoff L. reviewed Qualia Senolytic | Beta Tester

11 months ago

Prevention is the key

I wanted to try this as a preventative, not because I have ongoing issues. As is stated, I didn't notice anything from the first dose, but I do love all the research behind getting rid of senescent cells. Clean out the garbage so your system can function in an optimal state. That's what got me excited to try it!

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Brittney C. August 19, 2023

so far so good

I have only used the product once and so far so good.

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Yvonne R. July 23, 2023


I am excited to start taking this. I’ve read a lot about senolytics and ferritin’s role in it.

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Kate B. June 26, 2023

Science backed powerhouse

Thoughtful ingredients, sourcing, packaging—another great product from Qualia.

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Darrell W. February 4, 2024



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