Nicholas M. reviewed Qualia Mind

about 4 years ago

Qualia mind, great product, just pricey.

The product is excellent on all levels except the price.

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Zach H. June 11, 2018

Smooth and Powerful Focus

It took about 3 weeks for me to really feel the effects. After steady use, this nootropic really makes me go deeper in my thoughts and not stray away from my ideas or focus. My speech is a lot clearer and words come to fruition easier. Simply more productive. It is important to note that I fel...

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Darrin D. May 14, 2024

So far so Good!

After about an hour of taking three capsules, my brain is on fire. Everything is firing, and I feel like I am in my late 20s again. If I take two more around 2 p.m., it goes again. I am extremely happy with this product! Anyone who wants a bump in capacity should give this a try. Only one week i...

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Irvin R. October 25, 2022

I love this stuff!

I recommend this for anyone that needs energy and focus. Prefer this to coffee any day. I've began using it as part of my morning ritual and love it.

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Arthur L. May 25, 2023

5 stars