Jacob N. - 2022-11-08
I even finished my 1st bottle and I'm extremely satisfied the shipping was so fast everything was smooth gotta love love nootropics
Stephen T. - 2022-11-06
What I really like is that Qualia Life replaces the need for me to having several bottles of supplements. It's difficult with a product like this to really feel a difference, but I trust the brand and trust that it is beneficial to my health. The heavy price tag means I only buy on offer, hence 4 stars.
Alan P. - 2022-11-01
I've only been taking it for a little over a week but I do feel that I have had improvement. The only reason I give it four stars is due to the price.
CHASE L. - 2022-10-31
While I haven't noticed a whole lot of change with my vision other than less eyestrain with one whole bottle finished. I have the hope of continued positive change with my continued use of the product.
TRACEY B. - 2022-10-31 | Beta Tester
Better bowl movement
Meg H. - 2022-10-31 | Beta Tester
I had a lot of abdominal discomfort with the product at first, but felt sharp through all of it. It definitely promotes healthy stooling and helped me to feel more mental clarity. There were days when I had up to 6 stools which is abnormal for me.
Jonah G. - 2022-10-31 | Beta Tester
Easy to ingest. May or may not be helping with mood. Diet stayed relatively the same while taking this.
ali e. - 2022-10-30 | Beta Tester
Easy to take and fit in. i like that its a powder instead of another pill. excited to see what the potential benefits long term might be. Easy to open and use and clear simple directions
Leah N. - 2022-10-30 | Beta Tester
Great addition for digestive help Easily mixed in to a daily smoothie
Daniel S. - 2022-10-25
Good clean energy and def a focus booster 👍🏾👍🏾 The focus effect does last all day which was def a nice plus I primarily use it during my fast because food intake seems to dampen the effect Even tho the recommendation is to take two pills with food
Andrea D. - 2022-10-24
Works good. Expensive but works. There are less expensive options out there that are similar. I like it but may not be able to afford it.
Laura A. - 2022-10-23
Thinking had become a chore. It felt like I was working in a marsh; there was no flow. Enter Qualia products (I took Mind, Focus, Sleep and Vision- I was pretty desperate). It wasn't instant but within a week or two, I noticed the brain congestion began clearing and I could think clearly again. My sleep is also improving.
Alexander M. - 2022-10-22
Everything ok, the product have works according their promise. However one capsule was empty, without product.
T.J. M. - 2022-10-18
Curious to see if I can replicate the positive focus.
Chad Y. - 2022-10-17
This product is pretty awesome, brings me clarity and drive, only reason its not 5 stars is having to swallow 7 pills everyday but definitely worth it.
Corey A. - 2022-10-09
This product may recalibrate your brain if used wisely, however don’t expect a miracle without putting in the work.
Erik W. - 2022-10-04
I've tried Qualia Mind and I'm excited to try Quaila Focus as well. I love that they're combining L theanine with other adaptogenic superfoods.
Tahir K. - 2022-10-02
Great product
Thomas B. - 2022-09-28
Great for deeper sleep, more clarity, and more energy the next day
Shane D. - 2022-09-24
The feeling is subtle but I feel my mind open. It is important to take on a task and experience the conscious focus
Chris S. - 2022-09-21
Feel better rested the following day
Michael H. - 2022-09-15
I hesitated to give 5 stars even though it was my first impulse to do so. My first month taking Qualia Resilience has been enjoyable and noticeable changes happened within the first 2 days of taking QR. Definitely a mood boost, subtle but consistent. The cognitive and mood boost is enjoyable although the changes are subtle. I interpret this as good feedback that the overall effect is very balanced and maybe not even noticeable for a while(though I am sensitive and picked up on it), and since ...Read more.
Jacobus B. - 2022-09-08
Help me to focus when I need it most. The only negative is the cost.
Brendan M. - 2022-09-07
I love Qualia Mind, as it has all of the nootropics you could want for focus, energy, and mood. The energy is good, I love the balance of Alpha GPC and Citicoline, and 90mg of caffeine is the perfect amount. There is so much in here that it is hard to tell what is making a difference, but I like the idea of a little bit of each supplement because I think it helps with tolerance and withdrawals. There are 2 major downsides: 1. The taste is the worst of any pill I have swallowed 2. The pric...Read more.
Patrick M. - 2022-09-04
Seems like a great product. But cancel my subscription please! As there isn’t a cancel option.