Courtney C. - 2022-07-14 | Beta Tester
I have noticed that I am less prone to negative thinking while taking this product. I have experienced stress, but it has not been breathing down my neck in the same way it was before the trial.
John Stephen T. - 2022-07-14 | Beta Tester
2 weeks into my experience of this product and I don’t notice any obvious changes, but I intend to continue usage for a period longer to see what emerges.
Tao F. - 2022-07-14 | Beta Tester
My stress reduced through the first week of taking Resilience, and stayed steadily low as long as I took it most mornings
mark n. - 2022-07-14 | Beta Tester
I have had the most stressful weeks when I started taking this product, normally under high stress I cant sleep but was able to sleep well and get proper rest.
Anthony S. - 2022-07-14 | Beta Tester
Resilience allowed me to manage stress at greater levels with less effort and more mental clarity.
Bert B. - 2022-07-14 | Beta Tester
This is a "gets better over time" product. Mood seems to be elevated, and petty stress is nonexistent. Overall, good product. The science is solid based on my research. The packaging is sturdy and effective, but I am more interested in the contents. Service is great.
Krizia B. - 2022-07-13 | Beta Tester
I'm petite so 1 pill a day was more than enough to feel increased resilience and a better stress response when faced with an overwhelming amount of tasks every morning. I was able to dive into work instead of spiraling about how much there was. This improved my focus and efficiency so there was more time in the day to do the things I enjoy.
Brittany P. - 2022-07-13
Super excited to start these!!
Brantley S. - 2022-07-13 | Beta Tester
After two weeks of taking Resilience I definitely feel like I'm beginning to feel less stressed in situations I normally would spiral out of control in.
Konner M. - 2022-07-13 | Beta Tester
Makes a long term difference. I don't notice anything at first but towards the later end I feel like stress doesn't build up as fast.
Wendy V. - 2022-07-13 | Beta Tester
I feel less anxious and panicky about highly stressful situations at work. It's also easier to fall asleep at night without feeling worried.
Jay R. - 2022-07-13 | Beta Tester
Help me get to my hectic day thank you
Judy M. - 2022-07-13 | Beta Tester
For me, this was a great product for reducing every day stress that culminates at the end of the day. It did help me to get a better night's sleep as well - I tend to relive all the day's issues in my head before bedtime and found while taking this product, that I did not. I was able to fall right to sleep - and stay asleep. I also found that I woke up feeling refreshed and rested. Not dreading the day ahead as I normally do.
Pam E. - 2022-07-13 | Beta Tester
Helps with handling stress. I felt better equipped to face the day after taking it! Great product!
sam b. - 2022-07-13 | Beta Tester
Didn't notice any major difference yet with stress but energy is up
Maria G. - 2022-07-13 | Beta Tester
I think it takes a little longer to feel a distinct experience that can be attributed to the product
Derek O. - 2022-07-13 | Beta Tester
Helped manage stress better the days I took it.
Shelton M. - 2022-07-11
This product is phenomenal!
Donald S. - 2022-07-03
Great product. Stands out from the rest for the mental boost and clarity in todays fast paced word
Cole W. - 2022-06-28
It’s really great
Charlie M. - 2022-06-26 | Beta Tester
I felt very sharp on the days I took this product. I've supplemented with L-theanine for a number of years and estimate that a majority of the positive effects that I felt taking this product are attributable to that, particularly the overall sense of well-being and resilience. Effects that I experienced in addition to what I would normally experience with L-theanine included a heightened sense of attentiveness and improved reasoning ability.
Wendy C. - 2022-06-22 | Beta Tester
I really noticed when I took it I could be much more focused and dialed in. I especially noticed it on 142 mile bike ride and my other long rides close to 100 miles. I could focus and just keep going
Marina D. - 2022-06-20
I think consumers should understand that this alone won't solve your problems. It can put you on the path to solving your problems of brain fog, distraction, lack of motivation, and memory issues. It definitely does give a little boost but you can't rely on it. while you use it, you should use the clarity and motivation benefits to develop different habits that can improve your brain health
Kathleen D. - 2022-06-20 | Beta Tester
Some days I didn’t notice much but most days I experienced a more extended ‘runner’s high’
Dee P. - 2022-06-17 | Beta Tester
I felt sharp on it. Good product