Marc D. - 2022-05-03
Just beginning, but overall feel more attentive and focused.
Chandler M. - 2022-05-03
I’ve been taking Qualia Mind as directed (7 capsules first thing in the morning- 5 days on, 2 days off) for about 3 weeks, and since I started taking it I have noticed improvements in my day to day life that are subtle but consistent. I definitely feel like it gives me more energy throughout the day and more sustained focus, and it also has shown signs of smaller influences like making it easier for me to remember names of people I’ve just met, having better recall to memories and stories tha...Read more.
Nathan A. - 2022-05-02
Beginning my journey with nootropics. Qualia Mind hasn't been bad at all. I never got that immediate and obvious 'feeling' it was working but instead after a couple of days had noticed more of a constant
Paul W. - 2022-05-02
I've only just started using qualia mind, so I am unable to rate it 5 stars yet. But I am noticing alertness, and thought quality that I wasn't previously reaching, and would recommend the product if you can afford it. Expensive, but worthwhile. Came in with low expectations, haven't left yet- but if possible I'll update my review later with my experience.
Jaouad T. - 2022-04-24
seriously good job amazing product.👏👍 the 4 stars is just to make sure you will continue doing better and better.
Michelina O. - 2022-04-22 | Beta Tester
It feels like whatever has been missing is finally found. I can recall words or things I didn’t want to forget with ease. There is no jittery feeling or crazy spike just cursing at my best. Projects I needed to finish are finally done and I don’t feel like I’m all over the place.
Susan S. - 2022-04-21 | Beta Tester
This helped me focus and get my work done accurately, even when I haven't slept well.
Amaury V. - 2022-04-20
They did their research, the ingredient list is great. I felt pretty good with two capsules in the morning, but I might faint if I took 7 capsules, which is the suggested serving. You probably don't need that much either. Moderation makes many things better, and makes the bottle last longer.
Patrick K. - 2022-04-19 | Beta Tester
A much needed boost in focus and attention while at work. Some days it's hard to tell a difference, but on others, there's a vast improvement.
Meghan L. - 2022-04-18 | Beta Tester
I definitely felt more focus and mental clarity. I'm also very sensitive to caffeine and I wonder if the 100mg of caffeine is what created the effect, or if the other ingredients helped. I did not feel jittery, which was good. I felt good after taking it.
Brad L. - 2022-04-18 | Beta Tester
I had a good experience. I had a clean feeling energy with a little bit better more motivation to get things done. I enjoyed using the product and would like to use it again.
Thomas R. - 2022-04-17
Expensive but works pretty well.
Jackson C. - 2022-04-16
Good product
Angelique S. - 2022-04-16 | Beta Tester
I was pretty damn productive last week. Loved this product
Alyssa L. - 2022-04-16 | Beta Tester
Better mental clarity for a longer period of time throughout my work day.
Junaid M. - 2022-04-15 | Beta Tester
The focus I was supposed to experience was much more subtle than I expected.
Abhi A. - 2022-04-15 | Beta Tester
Reuben F. - 2022-04-12
Definitely works as advertised; however, I can't take the full, 7 pill dose because it over stimulates my brain and I can't stop my thoughts from stumbling over each other. 4 capsules and I'm good to go until lunch
Brendan S. - 2022-04-07 | Beta Tester
I really enjoyed taking this product. I am a pretty calm and collected guy normally, but this seemed to really help in stressful situations for me to be able to pause and then respond as opposed to just "reacting".
Donald W. - 2022-04-04 | Beta Tester
More focused and calm in the morning when taken.
Robert. (Bob) W. - 2022-04-03
Ive taking Life for a few years now. I turned 70 a few months ago and have been very active most of my adult life. This supplement I believe has helped me in my goal to stay active into y 90"s
Jason E. - 2022-03-30
I feel a boost and get a mild jolt of focus that is not overpowering. Taking 7 pills is a bit much but I look at it that I have to start my day with a lot of water. I also don't eat breakfast so really like you don't need to eat food before taking pills.
Alberto A. G. - 2022-03-21
I've been taking the product for the second month and it's been quite good it took a while but I am more active and more focused than before
Bruce M. - 2022-03-21
Quality product good experience will continue taking. I liked the product better than several others that I've tried. I did not feel overstimulated and felt more alert, calm and motivated. I only gave it four stars because you do have to consume seven pills. It does have everything in one formula which is good and trying to consume all the nootropics separately would come to a lot of pills. That said it is worth consuming the seven pills it just is a lot to see when you start using qualia mind.
Faith R. - 2022-03-15
Just received it quickly. Waiting to see how it works