Catherine M. - 2021-12-20 | Beta Tester
I can't say definitively if there were any positive effects from taking the Senolytics pills. I think over time they would be beneficial.
Elizabeth G. - 2021-12-15
only on 2nd bottle of the qualia vision and have notice that things are starting to look brighter, and eyes do not seem as dry throughout the day. I am hoping that with continued use of qualia vision that vision will improve to the point that I might not need glasses any longer. I will keep you up to date as I continue to use qualia vision.
Aaron P. - 2021-12-15
pretty good product.
Julia S. - 2021-12-08
Just started using it, the dosage of 7 capsules a day sounds excessive, I would prefer less capsules with same idea of effect
Linda C. - 2021-12-04
I have noticed an overall improvement in my eyesight, especially with reducing floaters. Once I have more of a history using this product, I might give it 5 stars.
Stephen D. - 2021-12-03 | Beta Tester
I had a noticeably higher level of focus without experiencing negative affects like jitters or anxiety.
Connor U. - 2021-12-03
I purchased Qualia Mind and started taking it about 2 weeks before a big (career dependent) test. This could be partially due to a placebo effect, but I feel more confident about my ability to perform in class and (definitely not placebo) find that memory recall takes a bit less effort. The only thing barring me from rating 5 stars is that, while I do find it more easy to enter the flow-state, I also find my mind bouncing around to different thoughts at times, although way less than with caff...Read more.
Tracey D. - 2021-12-02 | Beta Tester
I feel like it improved my mood, but the effects were not as noticeable as Mind. So I bought more Mind.
Keegan S. - 2021-11-30
Only had one dose so far but definitely felt the caffeine
Monica O. - 2021-11-29 | Beta Tester
Definitely noticed a difference
Matthew G. - 2021-11-27
I've been using Neurohacker's products for years now, ever since the fist iteration of Qualia mind. Needless to say, I love their products. But, I keep going back to Qualia Life as I feel it's their best overall product and I can't afford to take them all. It has helped improved my mood, mental clarity, has give me slightly more energy, and helped me sleep better. And as a possible added bonus, it may help me age better, but time will tell.
alex b. - 2021-11-27
Gets the job done. Very effective and you can dial it up or back based on the amount you take
Robert E. - 2021-11-26 | Beta Tester
I really like this product but not certain if I feel/perform at any different level. My focus and concentration are good throughout the day however, I am not seeing any resounding difference with the product.
Danny T. - 2021-11-25
It was wonderful for a first time experience
Jared V. - 2021-11-25 | Beta Tester
It provided a decent boost in mental energy and focus but It’s not much different from the effect of a coffee
John C. - 2021-11-25 | Beta Tester
I feel that overall this is a very good product. I think it will help a lot of people. I think there is a compound that does not agree with me.
Daniella V. - 2021-11-22
I just started today but I feel clarity and focus
Trisha T. - 2021-11-22
Focus is certainly improved
Roman T. - 2021-11-19
It does work, but I don’t understand the subscription model
Lindsay H. - 2021-11-18 | Beta Tester
Starting to love waking up and taking the focus. Gives me the get up and go to get things done. Haven't noticed a constant focus "mood" through out the whole day yet but will continue to monitor.
Susan B. - 2021-11-16 | Beta Tester
Quality of focus so far has given me more memory and more focus throughout the day.
Christie F. - 2021-11-16 | Beta Tester
I find using neurohacker focus gives me sustained mental energy throughout the day to get my daily tasks done. I am noticing not having a mid day drop and am able to stay focused on my work.
Michelle O. - 2021-11-16 | Beta Tester
Amazing focus for the first week - like unbelievable. Those previous dips in focus were nonexistent. The second week was a little less effective when compared to the first week, but it was still some good focus feeling.
Dustin R. - 2021-11-16 | Beta Tester
So far so good, after the first two times of taking Focus it was heavy on my stomach sort of like an acid reflux but drank more liquids (water/mint tea) and that alleviated pretty quick. I've had pretty good amount of drive memory and focus for my everyday tasks and some creative projects
Nichole T. - 2021-11-16 | Beta Tester
Wouldn't say I am noticing a ton, but I am feeling a little more alert during the week when I am taking the product.