Vincent A. - 2021-08-21
This stuff is amazing 👏
Barry S. - 2021-08-20 | Beta Tester
Feeling a little less foggy during the day.
Aubrey H. - 2021-08-19 | Beta Tester
It definitely immediately energizes me. It's hard to say whether it's significantly improved focus after dosing just 5 times, but it's definitely doing SOMETHING. There is for sure an acute midly stimulating/energizing effect, and it lasts much longer than a simple cup of coffee does.
Robert T. - 2021-08-19 | Beta Tester
I've been taking this in conjunction with Qualia Mind non-caffeinated & I'm an engineer by trade programming daily. Definitely seems to help me focus better.
Daniel S. - 2021-08-19 | Beta Tester
After reading the ingredients I was concerned about it making me jittery. Not so. I have a low tolerance for caffeine. No problems whatsoever. Does help you focus on tasks with no ill physical effects
Daniel P. - 2021-08-19 | Beta Tester
Definitely helps start the day off but also needs food to go with it, felt a bit nauseated when I skipped breakfast.
Nick B. - 2021-08-19 | Beta Tester
I have noticed increased energy and mental focus when focusing for long periods of time - especially on tasks that I usually find somewhat difficult to get into such as writing about & reading new material.
Ryan N. - 2021-08-19 | Beta Tester
I take this with breakfast in the morning and have noticed a slight increase in my ability to focus since taking this product. I drink two cups of coffee every day and haven't noticed any increased jitters or anything due to taking this, no downsides at all really, I may be having some light heartburn because of it though.
Dave L. - 2021-08-19 | Beta Tester
I have taken it for only four days but so far it seems good
Thomas W. - 2021-08-18 | Beta Tester
I am using my workouts to measure the focus
Giovanni C. - 2021-08-18 | Beta Tester
I woke up with food poisoning yesterday so I didn't it yesterday or today, but on the days I have taken it, my productivity has been good.
Kane B. - 2021-08-18 | Beta Tester
Strong focus for about 5 hrs after 2 days of high productivity. Taking first thing in the morning.
Mario V. - 2021-08-18 | Beta Tester
So far, I've noticed a difference in my ability to stay focused for longer periods of time. I do not seem to have the fatigue that usually comes midday. I work long hours in front of a computer, so this is a pleasant surprise. I'm currently on the 2nd break day, I am looking forward to see how next week goes. Thanks!
michael s. - 2021-08-18 | Beta Tester
Much better focus, more energy, an a pleasant morning wake up. No coffee drank, no coffee desired !
David B. - 2021-08-18 | Beta Tester
Some slight increases in mood, attention, and sleep.
Daniel B. - 2021-08-18 | Beta Tester
First of all I reflexively took it first thing in the morning with water, that is, not with breakfast. I immediately felt better, as you write, clarity, memory and drive. And, I wonder how much the caffeine in it has to do with that because I am not a caffeine drinker. Another mistake I made was to take it 6 days before I took 2 days off. I did note one distinctly down day which I think was when I didn't take it. I'll be more attentive to that this week.
Desiree R. - 2021-08-18 | Beta Tester
I do feel like it allows me to focus more effectively, but it doesn’t last all day. I also seem to be getting a heartburn feeling with it. I have been taking them in the morning after my bulletproof coffee thinking that the fat content would be enough of a “breakfast”; however, I may need to try this with an actual breakfast.
David S. - 2021-08-18 | Beta Tester
A good uptick in focus, possibly a bit too much (100mg) caffeine for me, although the Theanine helps smooth it out.
Jordan F. - 2021-08-18 | Beta Tester
Not as much energy as with other products, but that is good in a way. Great focus, but doesn't keep you up so you also have to have a good sleep habit.
Jeremy G. - 2021-08-18 | Beta Tester
I have had a consistent elevated focus and motivation, I have more energy and I have an overall elevated sense of things. in particular I am someone with ADD and this supplement has made it easier for me to stay on task
Christian B. - 2021-08-18 | Beta Tester
Effects are subtle, but consistent. I'd describe them as a general increase in clarity and ease of focus for about 4-6 hours after taking before steadily winding down with no noticeable crash.
Abhi S. - 2021-08-18 | Beta Tester
I think this product is ok. I see immediate benefits for a couple hours, but then feel a little tired later on in the day. Also seems to be negatively affecting my sleep according to apple watch data.
Kyle R. - 2021-08-10
This one is a lot more subtle than the other Qualia products I have used, so it’s difficult to point to noticeable effects. However, I am on a computer 8+ hours a day for work and pleasure and my eyes do seem less tired after taking this product. Every other Qualia product I have taken has clear and valuable effects and I trust neurohacker collective at this point.
Jason L. - 2021-08-04
I’ve been using Qualia Mind for around 3 years now. It is simply the best thing I have found that helps with focus and productivity. Woulda given it 5 stars if the price were lower, especially with an ongoing subscription.
William G. - 2021-08-04 | Beta Tester
Loved the product. Better than Qualia Mind in my opinion