Roger V. reviewed Qualia Night

about 4 years ago

Unfortunately I mix with Qualia Enegy and Qualia focus

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Junaid M. July 17, 2020

Getting ZZZz with Qualia Night

I feel that my sleep quality was much better than before taking the supplement.

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Dan D. July 22, 2020

Somewhat groggy, restorative sleep.

This product allowed me to sleep through the night, and also to fall asleep faster than I normally would have. Interestingly, no matter what I tried (taking the dosage earlier, and also cutting the dosage in half) I always ended up extremely groggy in the morning. It was almost as if I had smoked...

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JF L. April 18, 2021


I tried many many different natural sleeping aids product and Qualia Night if by far the best I find, thx you Neurohacker

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Alex L. May 15, 2024

Give you the extra edge and restful sleep you needed

I've been using the Qualia series of supplements, particularly the Night formula, and I must say, it's been a game-changer for my sleep. The Night series seems to enhance deep sleep noticeably, leaving me feeling more refreshed in the morning. However, when it comes to the Mind product, I've n...

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