Ryan M. reviewed Qualia Mind

almost 3 years ago

5 stars

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Emily N. June 20, 2023

Amino acids with some vitamins.

I think is a good product but people should know it’s is really a lot of amino acids which are easily found in health food stores and in my experience are better taken in customized levels based on goals or symptoms. Julia Ross’s books lay it all out and the new one- the craving cure- has the lat...

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Joel M. November 17, 2023

Extraordinary Product

This is an extraordinary product. My cognition and senses are heightened - but, perhaps more importantly, I am more perceptive in interactions with people. I am an empath. My empathy, emotional intelligence, and resonance with others has skyrocketed using this product, but with clarity. I do...

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Harrison K. July 18, 2023


Definitely can feel a difference

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Joshua D. September 21, 2020

Great product

Seems to work really well when ready or studying. The only thing I would say is that I would rather the caffeine free one next time because I seem to have a lot of good energy and I want to move, so this would be better for the gym.

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