Peter O. - 2017-11-24
I am a person of few words... So this will be a bulleted review: - Strong/complete formula with very noticeable focus and improvement of intelligence - No brain fog that comes occasionally with strong stacking like this - STONKING HEADACHE THE DAY AFTER ;-( - I would recommend this product but may caution lowering the dose
Dillon E. - 2017-11-24
Not getting the results that were expected
Don V. L. - 2017-11-23
I've been taking all these ingredients on my own for years. I thought I would try your product, but I would rather control my own dosage and alchemy.
Deric D. - 2017-11-12
Rowynn D. - 2017-10-02
I was very excited to try Qualia as I love the concept and the amount of thoughtful research the collective has put into this product. I have been taking nootropics for 2 years now. Qualia works wonders for the first few hours, but by about 5pm I crash, and crash hard. I become so debilitated that I have to lay down for two hours. This has never happened to me before and I find it alarming. I am going to finish the 30 day cycle and hope that it means my body is just taking time to adjust. I s...Read more.
kate c. - 2017-09-30
It woke me up and did clear the morning fog. If I took the recommend dose it gave me anxiety. I dropped it by one pill and that seemed to work. I probably won't try it again after I finish this bottle.
Francis G. - 2024-05-25
Still waiting for my purchase
Trina D. - 2024-05-23
I don't tolerate caffeine and somehow missed that this contained it. I was looking forward to this but cannot take it. Might be my fault but there are so many other agents available, caffeine is a bit of cheat I feel.
Steven R. - 2024-05-17
Felt nothing - I prefer another brand.
Pam F. - 2024-05-08
Made me feel sick and responded totally the opposite of advertised.
Annette V. - 2024-04-30
I tried several products because the company claims and 100 day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee. But, when I emailed to find out how to return the Life Product that makes me sick, I got an email as follows from LaTonya: "Once you have returned the unopened/sealed product to your local post office, UPS or FedEx; kindly send us a photo of the receipt with the tracking link, and we will reimburse you for the return charges as well as the order." How would one be able to try a product and...Read more.
Bryan R. - 2024-04-14
Some benefits, but nothing significant
Steven H. - 2024-04-12
No change
Joshua Y. - 2024-02-23
After doing extensive research into nootropics I came across Qualia Mind. It seemed to be the best option by far so I decided to sign up. After 3 weeks of use the main change I noticed was a lack of mid/late day crashing. To be honest, I'm not sure if this is just because of the clean caffeine or the rest of the ingredients. As for the other claims I haven't noticed an extra increase in focus or memory. I understand that with all supplements it's recommended use longer to get the full effects...Read more.
Zach O. - 2024-02-16
I've heard great things from other people, and I believe them, but it doesn't do anything noticeable for me. Will be returning.
Barbara M. - 2024-02-13
I have tried to stop my monthly subscription under manage and I’m still getting it every month. I don’t quite understand. So I am paying subscription price even though there are discounts offered every single month which for some reason don’t apply to my order.
Joe S. - 2023-12-15
I have no idea if this product does anything. I want to cancel my subscription.
Emmanuel A. - 2023-11-24
Cannot feel noticeable effect.
Elaine L. W. - 2023-11-13
I didn’t honestly notice any difference in brain fog and energy levels, which I was hoping for with this expensive purchase. Please refund as per your 100% Refund Guarantee? And don’t send me any further product.
Michele S. - 2023-11-06
It's been a month for me, but sadly -- I don't see any difference yet. I'll keep using it for another couple of months and hopefully, the product will start having some productive effect. If not, then the good thing about Neurohacker is they have 100 day money back guarantee.
Nick J. - 2023-11-03
All respect for Neurohacker and their mission but unfortunately, Qualia just isn't for me.
Rita Y. - 2023-10-29
I'm not positive how others reacted to this product but my stomach feels like someone kicked it or the acid in my gut is too much. Very odd and headaches 😩
Richard C. J. - 2023-10-08
No matter how good this product is you don’t want to get trapped in a subscription. It is not easy to get out of.
Joel S. - 2023-10-06
It is prohibitively expensive for a one month supply
Florence O. - 2023-08-18
I only used it one month. Did not feel any different. I will try it another month to see if I feel better