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Nick Farr, author of The Long Disaster, a manifesto of preparedness, joins us to share a message of hope amongst our present meta-crisis and an unexpected link between the skills needed to survive and the Burning Man culture. With each hurricane, earthquake or armed conflict, the fragility of our systems becomes evident while the consequences of their failure bleeds across borders. The solution? Nick proposes closing the gap in six crucial areas:

  • Psychological
  • Skills
  • Resources
  • Communication
  • Community
  • Empathy
Being anti-fragile is about being prepared to take the hits you can't see coming and then learning from those hits. - Nick Farr

It’s a timely and moving discussion we’re confident you will love it as much as we have. Tune in now.

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Guest Bio:

Nick has spent 20 years in disaster response including as Volunteer Coordinator at the Alvaro Obregon 286 building collapse site during the 2017 Mexico City Earthquake. He is also the author of The Long Disaster, a manifesto of preparedness written in collaboration with the BWB Spring Summit at Fly Ranch in 2019.

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  • jaredmhill1
    Jamie and his guest support the exclusive narrative, preumably off-the-radar yet in the exclusive cut (given the social media resoponse) to support their exceptionalist perspective that, given their position as semi-woke intellectuals free from the burdens of the common man, their interactions with the indepedent elite in the u.s. gives them a license to speak on the culture's behalf as if they're somehow incorporated into the priveleged through the burning of a strawman. A fucking psychedelic trip in the desert or the mountains doesn't elevate you to make decisions on behalf of the working class in the states.
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