Qualia Mind Reviews

DENISE H. - 2023-09-05
This product came highly recommended by a doctor I highly respect and I can't wait to enjoy the benefits!
Steve M. - 2023-08-25
Really Enjoyed The Quality of Qualia Mind. Neurohacker Collective did a great job. Thank You
Brad K. - 2023-08-17
Fabulous focus.
Ivan M. - 2023-08-08
I have focus and brain fog issues. Qualia mind definitely helped with my issues but is not a permanent fix for them.
Guest - 2023-07-20
I've been taking Qualia Mind for the last four years. It has been the most consistent product in helping me with memory recall and thought processing. I worked in an emergency shelter for children for 15 years. It is a highly stressful job dealing with traumatized and abused children. Qualia Mind helped me remain at my peak ability to assist these children. I have tried many other products to help me think clearly under extreme stress and I always came back to Qualia Mind when I could aff...Read more.
Harrison K. - 2023-07-18
Definitely can feel a difference
Lorea M. - 2023-07-06
I definitely notice a bit of an energy burst in the morning when I take this, and I feel my mood and my sleep are much more balanced with less extreme and shorter duration lows. I do notice that I sweat a little more & it’s a bit more of a potent smell, likely from the stimulating factors, but that may also be a sign that the ingredients are actually ACTIVE.
Cathy S. - 2023-07-04
Their customer service is quick and outstanding.
Michael M. - 2023-07-04
Great product and works well. There are a few concerns I have of which the primary includes on the label “reproductive harm”. When I called Neurohacker, I was advised that this was a required mention as it relates to Prop 65 in the state of California based on some of the natural occurring elements that they take and produce from. So take warning! The other factor and for some may not be affected is the cost of the product and using long term.
Susan C. - 2023-07-01
I'm looking forward to the results
Juan R. - 2023-06-29
I have been using the Qualia Mind for a couple of months now and I can now write of how great the product is. I Have difficulty concentrating on single tasks. from the moment I started using it, my focus has been on point. I do follow the instructions of stopping for two days which I leave for the weekend. I have also noticed during my fitness sessions I have not needed any pre-workout on most occasions depending on the time of the day. since I take Qualia first thing in the morning and I usu...Read more.
Luke V. - 2023-06-26
Noticeable difference in my productivity level. Slight "fish burps" after consuming 7 capsules as directed per dose.
Emily N. - 2023-06-20
I think is a good product but people should know it’s is really a lot of amino acids which are easily found in health food stores and in my experience are better taken in customized levels based on goals or symptoms. Julia Ross’s books lay it all out and the new one- the craving cure- has the latest research. But I guess it’s good to have a sort of multivitamin approach for people who don’t want to do all that.
Madeleine F. - 2023-06-18
I’ve only been taking it for a few weeks. So far so good!
Brandon L. - 2023-06-16
It just works
Michael M. - 2023-06-13
Only started using recently. Seems to be working.
Joanne W. - 2023-05-25
I am not able to leave a full review yet as i have not been on product long enough.
Joanne W. - 2023-05-25
I am not able to give a full review yet, as I have not taken product long enough.
Gabriel V. - 2023-05-22
Like the product, still early to know if really worked
Joseph B. - 2023-05-06
This product is truly dosed correctly and will aid you in becoming more efficient in your biomarker journey. I have quickly found myself wanting to keel my subscription going, but these do come at a high price point
B S. - 2023-04-22
I am still in the early stages of testing, but am seeing positive results.
B S. - 2023-04-22
I am still in the early stages of testing Qualia Mind, but I will continue to monitor the improvement with continued use.
B S. - 2023-04-22
I am still in the early testing stages of this product, but so far i have seen benefits. I will continue to test it out, as well as other qualia products to see what works best for me.
Nathan C. - 2023-04-04
Brain goodly.
Shawnee K. - 2023-03-28
I feel the quality of this neurotropic is higher than a lot of the other ones on the market and I Fill the effects even when I take a smaller dose which is nice To Spread out the product a little bit longer. But even if I Take the full suggested amount amount I don't Feel any negative adverse effects