Qualia Mind Reviews

B S. - 2023-04-22
I am still in the early testing stages of this product, but so far i have seen benefits. I will continue to test it out, as well as other qualia products to see what works best for me.
Nathan C. - 2023-04-04
Brain goodly.
Shawnee K. - 2023-03-28
I feel the quality of this neurotropic is higher than a lot of the other ones on the market and I Fill the effects even when I take a smaller dose which is nice To Spread out the product a little bit longer. But even if I Take the full suggested amount amount I don't Feel any negative adverse effects
Raúl H. - 2023-03-03
Just received the product. First day using it. So far feeling more focus. Let see how it goes through the day.
Alvaro N. - 2023-02-19
Qualia mind changes me. With more energy and increased focus, overall this is the best brain enhancer product on the market. Its pricey but its worth it
Cameron P. - 2023-02-10
Doesn’t put me into a state of nirvana like I wish it would, but I feel calmer through out the day.
Terence M. - 2023-02-09
Great product has several supplements that I usually buy separately, don't have them all using Qulia -Mind.
Guest - 2023-02-06
Wow,this has been a real game changer for me. I have tried so many different products and, different types of nutrition to stay focused and feel more motivation during the day.no matter what I did none of those things seemed to do for me what qualia mind and Qualia of life is doing. I've only been taking them for less than a month.
Asher E. - 2023-02-04
I noticed a boost in my mood the first time I took it. I almost felt a buzz similar to nicotine. I like it overall but for me, it is too expensive.
Isaiah L. - 2023-02-03
I believe Qualia Mind is a great product for clear thinking and motivation. I doesn’t work that well for me but as a nootropic it does have the ingredients that most people are looking for. It is an expensive product but it will get the job done because I have friends and colleagues that rave about it and how it’s helped them with productivity.
Jonathan Q. - 2023-01-24
I'll update this review after continued use
Caleb C. - 2023-01-19
Amazing results you’ll be flying like Superman after first dose!!
William C. - 2023-01-15
Doing this for free bottle
Em D. - 2023-01-12
I was surprised it worked so well! Legit!
Reylan A. - 2022-12-17
pretty good but a bit expensive
Alan M. - 2022-12-10
interesting clarity in that it is subtle at first...then a month or so into it I became a little more aware that I seemed to be a bit more "aware": of everything and taking it all in stride vs. feeling anxious and overwhelmed
SA M. - 2022-11-29
First thing I’m noticing is definite improvement in mood
Tushad M. - 2022-11-28
works as advertised
Ryan W. - 2022-11-11
I think the only downside is having to sometimes take 5 or 6 capsules for that full effect. Other than that I can take 2 or 3 and feel good all day
Andreas H. - 2022-11-11
I feel like my productivity and motivation has improved since starting to take this. When I first started, irritability increased a bit, but it seems to have worn off after a couple of weeks.
Jacob N. - 2022-11-08
I even finished my 1st bottle and I'm extremely satisfied the shipping was so fast everything was smooth gotta love love nootropics
Andrea D. - 2022-10-24
Works good. Expensive but works. There are less expensive options out there that are similar. I like it but may not be able to afford it.
Alexander M. - 2022-10-22
Everything ok, the product have works according their promise. However one capsule was empty, without product.
Chad Y. - 2022-10-17
This product is pretty awesome, brings me clarity and drive, only reason its not 5 stars is having to swallow 7 pills everyday but definitely worth it.
Corey A. - 2022-10-09
This product may recalibrate your brain if used wisely, however don’t expect a miracle without putting in the work.