Qualia Mind Reviews

Shane D. - 2022-09-24
The feeling is subtle but I feel my mind open. It is important to take on a task and experience the conscious focus
Brendan M. - 2022-09-07
I love Qualia Mind, as it has all of the nootropics you could want for focus, energy, and mood. The energy is good, I love the balance of Alpha GPC and Citicoline, and 90mg of caffeine is the perfect amount. There is so much in here that it is hard to tell what is making a difference, but I like the idea of a little bit of each supplement because I think it helps with tolerance and withdrawals. There are 2 major downsides: 1. The taste is the worst of any pill I have swallowed 2. The pric...Read more.
Patrick M. - 2022-09-04
Seems like a great product. But cancel my subscription please! As there isn’t a cancel option.
Jason P. - 2022-08-30
I have been focusing a bit more on focusing, not sure if it is a by-product of the investments of time and money or the supplements.
A F. - 2022-08-28
Still new to it, but it seems to make me more energetic
Gabriel M. - 2022-08-22
I ordered Qualia Mind and could see the difference almost instantly. Only down side is the caffeine, which is why I'll be ordering the caffeine-free version soon.
Joseph K. - 2022-08-22
This stuff works, although I felt when it came out it worked better, I am curious if they changed the formula.
Karis H. - 2022-08-12
This product gives you lasting energy without making you jittery.
Andrew M. - 2022-08-11
I'm still using my first bottle. Notice some more focus. Move to 8 Pils vs 7 do my height and weight.
Hunt E. - 2022-07-31
Work good for short term focus and energy.
THOMAS F. - 2022-07-30
A fantastic product that has made a noticable difference on my ability to process information quickly. Everything seems clearer.
Ashwin S. - 2022-07-21
Hidden connections between things that were formerly lurking just under the surface of my conscious awareness come to the fore more readily, without any effort. Like a very smooth cup of coffee without jitters, combined with a gentle "big picture" awareness.
Brittany P. - 2022-07-13
Super excited to start these!!
Shelton M. - 2022-07-11
This product is phenomenal!
Cole W. - 2022-06-28
It’s really great
Charlie M. - 2022-06-26 | Beta Tester
I felt very sharp on the days I took this product. I've supplemented with L-theanine for a number of years and estimate that a majority of the positive effects that I felt taking this product are attributable to that, particularly the overall sense of well-being and resilience. Effects that I experienced in addition to what I would normally experience with L-theanine included a heightened sense of attentiveness and improved reasoning ability.
Wendy C. - 2022-06-22 | Beta Tester
I really noticed when I took it I could be much more focused and dialed in. I especially noticed it on 142 mile bike ride and my other long rides close to 100 miles. I could focus and just keep going
Kathleen D. - 2022-06-20 | Beta Tester
Some days I didn’t notice much but most days I experienced a more extended ‘runner’s high’
Nikki M. - 2022-06-15
I really wish I could keep taking this because the effects are wonderful. I have struggled with brain fog and low energy for most of my adult life and Qualia really helped with those symptoms. Unfortunately, there is a taste in the back of my throat all day that I have tried to ignore, but I just can't. It is kind of like garlic or fish. I have a tendency to have this kind of issue with supplements (especially B vitamins), so it may not be a problem for everyone. The aftertaste was more toler...Read more.
Jen C. - 2022-06-15 | Beta Tester
It's hard to separate the effects of this product given many other changes in my running this past month - Location (some altitude, more heat), recovering from a slight glute issue, and doing a half ironman 70.3). But I do feel the product most likely helped me toward running improvements.
Rachel P. - 2022-06-01
It’s ok.
David C. - 2022-06-01 | Beta Tester
Took it for about a month back in 2020, this was the second time taking this product.
Brad B. - 2022-06-01 | Beta Tester
Good product. I could notice improvements with my focus and attention.
Austin S. - 2022-05-31 | Beta Tester
Susan S. - 2022-05-28 | Beta Tester
This helped me focus and get my work done accurately, even when I haven't slept well. It improved my mood. I did not feel as though I needed 7 to get the effect needed.