Gut-Brain Connection - Dr. Emmanuel Hanon - Cognition

Gut-Brain Connection - Dr. Emmanuel Hanon - Cognition

We have a Collective Insights first for you! Today Naveen Jain, Founder of Viome, debuts as our guest host, along with fellow colleague Dr. Hanon, taking us on a thrilling discussion of how gut microbiome research is shaping the future of disease prevention and longevity. We dive deep into the bilateral connection between the gut and the brain, unpacking:

  • The role of the gut-brain axis and gene expression in disease prevention
  • How the gut microbiome informs the immune system
  • The fascinating relationship between the microbiome, neuromodulation, and mood
There is a bilateral connection between your gut and your brain and the information circulates through the parasympathetic, sympathetic nerve, and vagus nerve. - Emmanuel Hanon, Ph.D.

This is your-front row seat to a discussion highlighting how in the ongoing fight against chronic disease, scientists have begun to turn to an army of unexpected allies – bacteria and other microorganisms. The future is bright, Neurohackers. Tune in to learn why.

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