Human Development - Dr. Terri O’Fallon - Integral Theory

Human Development - Dr. Terri O’Fallon - Integral Theory

As human beings we regularly change—we develop. Experiences bring new perspectives and change who we experience ourselves to be. Our relationship with others and our life context evolves and matures. But these growth spurts often result in a developmental confusion—a sense of bewilderment about our identity or purpose. 

Join us as we unpack human development with Dr. Terri O’Fallon, founder of STAGES, an integrally based model that defines 12 stages in the evolution of human consciousness and meaning-making wisdom. We explore:

  • Why every stage of human development is valuable
  • Human development is not linear, it’s like blowing up a balloon
  • The impact of changing levels of development on relationships
  • The developmental scale of maturity of human consciousness
  • The influence of later stages of human development on emotions and cognition
Every stage of human development is valuable, even in its imperfection. - Terri O’Fallon Phd

If you loved our conversation with Ken Wilber, you will likely enjoy this authentic and open-minded exploration of the places that we know exist but are still veiled to us. Listen in now.

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