Techne Tou Biou, Epiphanies, and Higher Consciousness

How to have an epiphany

Techne Tou Biou, Epiphanies, and Higher Consciousness

How are you living?

This is not a generic question of how are you doing or how you are feeling, but a sincere inquest for you to look and see how you are living.  

How are you making sense of the world around you?  

How are you taking in that information to inform your choices?  

How are you acting upon that information and choices and driving the direction of your life?

All of these questions are designed to help you think about your own sovereignty and the bigger picture of how you are creating your world.

Plato used the expression “techne tou biou” which translates to the craft of life.  The craft of life is the ongoing learning, discovery, and work of what it means to be you in your world and how you are consciously guiding that experience as it unfolds before you.

We are constantly learning and transforming

We do not stop learning when we graduate from school.  We are constantly experiencing new inputs and information from the world around us, making sense of it and then acting on it.  This process is on repeat and often we are unconscious of it happening. 

One of the ways of learning and one word we use when we describe the subjective effects of Qualia is “epiphany”.  This is that “a-ha” moment when your understanding of something dramatically shifts and you gain an immediate new insight or view of something.  This is built upon the information you had earlier, your understanding you took from it and the connections made in between.

“Epiphany consists of three elements: first, abandoning the old ineffective thoughts (i.e. breaking mental fixation); second, formulating the new and effective thoughts (forming the new novel association); third, experiencing the intense thrilling feeling of “Aha”¹

Epiphany is a part of the creative thinking process.  It is one of the ways we learn or transform our thinking.  

How to have an epiphany

There is no hack or trick to force an epiphany, but there are some techniques you can employ to set yourself up for new ideas or associations.

Get outside

Take a step outside of your normal environment and get into nature.   Step away from the desk or normal routine and expose yourself to a new scene.

Take a break

Sometimes forcing it is not the answer.  Give yourself a break and do something different.  Often times the answers to the questions we are looking for show up when we stop forcing it, find some silence and clear our minds.

Open yourself up

Get out of your bubble and open yourself up to new ideas and sources of information.  Meet new people. Read some books you wouldn’t normally pick up. Epiphanies are often about connecting the dots of different points of information not normally associated together.

Transformation and Enlightenment

“The experience of enlightenment can be thought of as a leap across a precipice from one foothold to another. For a while after landing, we may feel elated, but it’s a mistake to confuse this afterglow with enlightenment. Enlightenment is not the condition into which we have vaulted; it’s the leap that took us there.”²

We love that quote because it frames transformation or enlightenment as the action taken and not the permanent result or destination.  Remember, it’s about the journey and taking action.

Episode #27 of the Collective Insights podcast is all about understanding transformation and goes deep into the technology used in making and measuring these transformations. Dr. Jeffery Martin and Nichol Bradford go into detail about how they integrated technology, neurological imaging, psychological studies and meditation practices all into The Finders Course, designed to help people find the right tool or path that is right for them to help them transform and what that means.

Higher Consciousness Through Transformative Technology

Biometrics and psychometrics that correlate with peak happiness are commonly observed in individuals who have also achieved elevated conscious awareness through their breakthrough practices. Those practices were surveyed and compiled into a comprehensive course. By identifying what worked for their collection of subjects, then mapping out the discernible methods, Dr. Martin and Ms. Bradford aim to provide a guided tour of techniques designed to help individuals find their way into a dramatic psychological transformation, like a key in a lock. The persistent goal of their cutting-edge technology is to amplify mental health, emotional well-being, and human thriving.

1. On the Systematic Method to Enhance the Epiphany Ability of Individuals

2. Eureka, Epiphany, and Enlightenment

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