Online Education: An Exploration of 7 Websites to Fuel Your Mind

Online Education: An Exploration of 7 Websites to Fuel Your Mind

Mental Fuel

Get ready to fuel your mind with seven of our favorite resources in the form of websites, companies, programs and even apps that should be on your neurohacking radar!


Meet, an application designed to support personal health mastery. It provides tools that help you become more knowledgeable about topics that help your body thrive, including varied styles of short daily workouts and delicious, healthy recipes that makes reaching your health goals easier. Done right, tracking is performance enhancing and with the app tracking is made simple.
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2. Future Thinkers Podcast

One characteristic that separates Qualia from most product companies, is how involved our founders are in projects and think tanks of global consequence. What's the point of getting smarter if you can't find educational resources to take advantage of your heightened intellect? Enter They host one of the most forward-thinking podcasts in the world, with brilliant guests covering issues like civilizational design, philosophy, evolutionary biology, computer science breakthroughs, and more, all in an effort to discern the direction of the world. For Collective Insights fans, their podcast is a treasure trove of education on a similar level.

3. SelfDecode

SelfDecode is the world’s most comprehensive DNA analyzer, created to help you optimize your health and performance. Upload and analyze your genetic file from 23andme, Ancestry, or FamilyTree DNA to see if genetic weaknesses could contribute to your health issues, either now or in the future. Inside SelfDecode, you can analyze all your SNPs, find supplements that modify the expression of your genes, and match your genes to your symptoms. Or access SelfDecode DNA Wellness Reports, which do all the analyses for you: they shortlist the most relevant genes, explain their function,  and give you personalized health recommendations. Your membership includes 1 Introductory DNA Wellness Report and 1 Premium DNA Wellness Report, plus 50% off additional reports. Currently, 4 premium reports are available: inflammation, cardiovascular health, sleep, and vitamins. In the new year, mental health, mood, cognitive function, ApoE, and methylation reports are slated for release.

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4. Apeiron Center

Epigenetic Performance Coaching is the key to unlocking your limitless genetic potential. Taking a whole systems approach to coaching, Apeiron combines cutting edge genetic and epigenetic science with physiology, biochemistry, brain/peak performance, hormones, lifestyle and positive psychology for personalized and precise solutions so you can access your limitless potential to thrive.

5. Mark's Daily Apple

Calling on years of self-experimentation, which included using his own body to test which foods, movements, and lifestyle changes had the biggest impacts on his health and wellness, Mark Sisson pioneered his own version of the Paleo diet and shares these gems in his personal blog. If you love all things Primal, you'll want to add this podcast to your playlist too.


For those looking for cutting-edge research on legal, cultural and medicinal uses of psychedelics and marijuana turn to  Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS). They are where you can become educated on, and active in, the current legal and bureaucratic battles facing medicinal reform domestically and around the world.

7. Primal Hacker Blog

As you might gather from the name, the Primal Hacker Blog is devoted to teaching readers all things biohacking. Their mission helps folks own their environment, both internally and externally, so they can take charge of their life and live longer, healthier lives. The blog is an excellent resource for the latest in biohacking devices, technology, and supplements.

2 Books to Add to Your Reading List

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