Optimizing the Mind

Optimizing the Mind

Dr. Hill from the Head First podcast hosts systems scientist, and philosopher Daniel Schmachtenberger and discusses the questions at the heart of modern science which will allow us to unlock the secrets of the most complex instrument in the known universe: the human brain, and offers avenues to begin quantifying and hacking it.

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– Global Strategist
– Systems & Data Science
– Social science & Memetics

Daniel Schmachtenberger is a member of the Qualia and founder of the Emergence Project. His areas of expertise include evolutionary philosophy and strategist. He is the founder of Critical Path Institute, a research and design project aimed at the development of an integrated set of technologies and processes capable of organizing and supporting a distributed and and continually updating, comprehensive critical path management system for Humanity’s total evolution.

He has worked to repurpose and synthesize relevant state-of-the-art systems for information management, complexity processing, mathematical forecasting, and other data science tools into an integrated set of functions capable of global resource allocation planning and strategy.

His goal is the shortest path to a fundamentally redesigned world-system that makes possible and supports the highest quality of life for all life, now and ongoingly. Specifically, his focus is on the development of new systems of economics and governance that intrinsically incentivize life-enhancing behaviors at all levels of agency, supporting distributed and spontaneous problem solving and conscious participation in our global evolution.

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